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Microsoft Data Solutions

Turn data into information and gain a competitive advantage. 
BI SQL Consulting has experience of industry-standard data engineering, warehousing and analytics, providing consultancy and contract work for companies using the Microsoft Data Platform. 
Azure Data Architecture

Utilize the power and scalability of the cloud with an Azure data solution. There are lot of products which can be brought together to form a modern data lake house. We can help you pick the right tool for the right job and design a robust, scalable, performant cloud platform.


Azure Data Engineering

A variety of Azure products need orchestrating and coding to gather, process and load your disparate business data into a usable, central version of the truth to drive your reporting and analytics.


Azure DevOps

Efficiently use the Agile methodology with DevOps to manage your data project. Gather business requirements, plan and build solutions to them, and utilize continuous integration and deployment to deliver.


Stakeholder Engagement

Professional, efficient and friendly engagement with product owners, sponsors, analysts, developers and end users help drive motivation and collaborative teamwork. 



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