Microsoft Business Intelligence
Turn data into information and gain a competitive advantage. 
BI SQL Consulting has experience of industry-standard data warehousing and analytics, providing consultancy and contract work for companies using the Microsoft Data Platform. 


Whether you need advice, a project undertaken, or a full BI implementation, BI SQL Consulting can help.



BI SQL Consulting provides experience of implementing and developing Microsoft BI solutions in the finance and manufacturing sectors using a proven industry best practice. The approach uses Kimball dimensional modelling to combine data from a variety of sources with SSIS into an enterprise data warehouse using a star schema hosted on Microsoft SQL Server. Cubes can be used with a variety of end user tools, including Excel, PowerPivot, Power View, Sharepoint and Power BI to provide a simple end-user interface to explore data, create reports and get information.  

For BI to succeed, the data must be an accurate single version of the truth, easily accessible, and simple to leverage information from. Modern graphical tools, as well as the very familiar Excel, can provide users with varying levels of expertise an easily adopted solution.


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