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Data Governance

Unfortunately this crucial aspect of data projects is often overlooked, or half baked. It's something that needs to be started and embedded up-front, so that its adopted well throughout the project and afterwards. Data is one of the most important assets of a business. Time and money is spent on security, and should also be spend on governance.

Microsoft Azure Purview is a great tool for this. However, Data Governance needs to start with stakeholders and be accepted by the business before Purview comes into play.

DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model) is an effective framework to assess and enable a business to govern its data. Working out roles, discovering data, and finding out the current state of play helps set a path for a business to walk along and establish a proven data governance strategy.

Purview is a tool to help the roles from DCAM accomplish their goals. It simplifies and automates what can be a complex data ecosystem into one place. Any data-related roles in a business can benefit from it, not only DCAM roles. For example, data engineers can use it to document and track down data points and lineage to help deliver tasks. Data analysts can use its dictionary to help provide correct reports and analysis.

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