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Power BI - has it matured into the best data analytics tool?

When Power BI came out, it was pretty limited. Like a lot of tech products which are delivered with the Agile approach, the first releases don't often have a wide adoption. That said, there will probably never be a product that satisfies every use case and requirement,

As the monthly updates for Power BI continue, does it have the vast majority of functionality and features that data projects require? It's not just the report/dashboard creation in question, it's the enterprise management too. The native integration with existing Microsoft landscapes is a huge advantage. But what about non-Microsoft businesses. I've not come across many who don't have Active Directory as the primary domain management product.

Cheap as chips! Or it was initially, and still can be for tiny use cases who just need PBI Desktop to meet project goals. This set it apart from alternatives. Now, any requirements for publishing reports can quickly escalate the cost. PBI embedded and premium come with some great features which sit in the realms of where competitive advantages between business sit. Externalising large amounts of data such as in a company web-based solution comes with a cost. As time goes on, the value of data goes up, and with it goes the value of delivery of insights from it.

Considering a medium-enterprise project, does Power BI take the lead over its alternatives? Cost is always a factor, but existing staff skills and the underlying IT vendor across the business are two of the main decision factors. Functionally, it's mature enough to compete very well.

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